Challenging our beliefs

In today’s world, we need to challenge the outdated and unhelpful beliefs that swirl around us and within us.  Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not.  

Being Fulfilled

To know that your life journey has brought you to this place, helped create who you are but knowing that your past does not define your future.  That your journey does not stop and to be excited by this prospect.

A few of my poems...

Fulfilment is not in material things, it is in connection and value of all that is....

Challenging the norm and winning

In a time when many people feel disconnected from their community – Paihia is developing a roadmap that combines community aspiration with community spirit – something that we could probably all do with a little more of.

Me Being Brave

My ‘being brave’ – stepping out, continually, of my comfort zone is incredibly empowering.  It is teaching me to trust life, to have faith in self.  It is teaching me to fly – and I’m loving it.

2015 International Women's Day Speech

'We need to learn to forgive and make peace.  We must be brave and expect better, want for more, fly the flag for freedom, respect, grace and prosperity.'