Two days after the big shave.

Two days after the big shave.

In October 2013 I turned my entire world upside down.  My 20 year relationship came to an end, I moved out of my home and I became an elected representative for the Far North, getting appointed to Deputy Mayor.  New job, new home, new life – very little was familiar, other than my car, some amazing friends, my personal possessions and my gorgeous girl.

It was a vulnerable, emotional but liberating period.  I experienced moments of pure joy and shed a bit of hair through the stress of it all.   

As I look back over the past few years, I can really appreciate just how much I have grown.  I stepped up into my new role, embracing the privileged and responsible position.  I took the time to reflect, heal and grow my understanding of my new environment.

But I didn’t stop pushing myself.  I am a change agent and hard that this can be at times, I recognise that I cannot be who I truly am by denying my true sense of purpose.

In November 2015 – I did another brave and crazy thing – I shaved off my crowning glory – my long, curly locks for the Bald Angels Charity.  I clearly remember feeling physically sick on the day and cried during the shave.   I loved my hair – it was the one thing that I always loved – even when I didn’t love the rest of myself.

I did it for the charity, I did it to send an encouraging message to our young women and I did it for myself.  I know that I need to shed many out-dated beliefs to truly be who I am.  And I knew I hid behind my hair.  This has been very liberating and although I don’t enjoy the bad hair days, I’m so glad I did it.

I recognise and am excited that I am finely ‘tuning in’ to my innate sense of self.  That I am moving away from the need to please everyone else and learning to be an authentic, valuable member of society.  It’s not always an easy journey, bloody difficult at times.  But I wouldn’t change it.  As it is moulding me, encouraging me, to be all that I can be.

My ‘being brave’ – stepping out, continually, of my comfort zone is incredibly empowering.  It is teaching me to trust life, to have faith in self.  It is teaching me to fly – and I’m loving it.