Love of my life - my daughter Jesse.

Love of my life - my daughter Jesse.

I once penned “fulfilment is not in material things, it is in connection and value of all that is. Every struggle is either holding on or letting go. One becomes stronger through acknowledging the struggle, acknowledging the fears and then being able to let go so that your tomorrows are brighter and that you may begin to breathe new life into a renewed space, one that no longer harbours pain, hurt, anger and unforgiveness.”

And as they say timing is everything.  You need to be in the ‘zone’.  When you come to that place of acknowledgement - that knowing that where you are…what you are doing is not enough – you desire more.  Something is just not right.  It’s like that little voice deep inside is saying ‘hey you – this isn’t it – you’re not there yet – get excited there’s more to come!’

And let’s be clear here, if we are completely honest with ourselves, we know that this desire is not in material things or found in other people for that matter.  A shiny new car, a great pair of heels (wonderful that they can be) – the gloss just wears off and we want the next thing and then the next.

Sure it can be pretty scary and there’s always excuses.  ‘I’m comfortable, sure I don’t feel content…complete but things are going okay…why rock the boat?’  or maybe ‘I desire more but…but I’m just not sure I can do it…I’m not sure I’m good enough…that I deserve it…’

I’ve been in both situations…more than once. 

So let’s acknowledge upfront that it is hard.  It’s hard to step outside ones comfort zone because…well, it’s uncomfortable.  And it’s hard because of whatever belief systems you have been taught, have instilled in you, it’s really hard to challenge something that you fundamentally believe is true – even when it might not be.  Blondes have all the fun…yeah right ;)

So why seek this thing called being fulfilled?  Simply because it’s your right, your purpose to find your value, find your place of happiness and contentment.  And this will look different for everyone – thank goodness.

Being fulfilled starts in the moments.  Those times when you just know that all is right in your world.  The key is to recognise these moments and then grow them.  To acknowledge that I love myself as I am, history and all.  To know that your life journey has brought you to this place, helped create who you are but knowing that your past does not define your future.  That your journey does not stop and to be excited by this prospect.

Being fulfilled means being the real, wonderful you and celebrating this journey of life – warts and all.